Stacoins mannequin

Tribute season is almost over, and we have a gift-o-meter to fill; that means we have been shopping. Since the wardrobe in our suite changed, a lot of dolls have transformed some of their rooms into fashion showroom. To do so, we need mannequins, but they cost stardollars. Here is a way to make starcoins mannequins.

The body is the bodysuit in Basics

the gloves are from Voile

The socks are from Bizou

The head is a black stardesign egg upside down.
So now, for 174 or 184 Starcoins, you have a mannequin in your suite. It sounds like a lot, but since we have almost no items to buy, I think it's worth it. You can also use your in-suite-wigs to make them look better.
Here is an example of what it looks like in my suite.

Interesting, huh? Will you wisely spend you starcoins from now on?


Lunch area

Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted for that long. It was a though semester; hope you did well at school too. Now that we're on vacation, we're gonna spend more time home, so I wanted to show you guys a lunch area that you can do in your suite. And also, because we don't have much to make a chef kitchen.
I'm Caribbean, which means no snow in winter (hope you don't mind), so I'm using an LE background. It's cold in winter, so I use curtain wall to allow the sunlight in, some are from DIY the others are from Alpine Chalet. The floor is stardesigned, but you can use whatever you want. The table is from 9 to 5, the stools and the plants are from Millionaire mansion, the cabinets are in the suite shop.
PS: You can have a snowy outside if you have the Alpine Chalet.
Let me know what you think ;)



New Pals collection, 6 more friends in our suite. Some are available in different sizes (small, medium, large). They even include Noelani and her cat. There are some nice clothing that we can use for our own dolls.

Here is an interior idea with the hanging sofa, and the only pal I bought.
And this is me, wearing Louisa's clothes. For more information on how to do it, visit me.
Do you like it, will you buy anyone?
Hey there
Stardoll gave everybody a gift. Some people think it's part of the 4M likes on Facebook.
A cute Leaf light to warm up our suite.
Will you use it? or turn it off in your storage?

LE decor

Hi dollies, this has been a while that I haven't posted. So here is the interior proposition for LE decor.
Featuring DIY and Stardesign. The white dots are flowers from 9 to 5. 
I used a dark floor because I wanted to do a modern interior with retro furniture. And the big widows with skyscraper view to give the penthouse feel.

What do you think about it? How did you style your buys?


New Limited Edition

The interior edition of LE has been released this morning. Same Americana theme than the fashion we had previously. Some items are really worth buying, most of them aren't sold out yet.

Did you buy something, or will you?