Wearing the new Strike A Pose

Hello dolls. A new collection of Strike A Pose has been released on starplaza this morning. A lot of dolls have been purchasing pieces before they run out. I have found a few who put together an outfit. Let's take a look.

The dolls shown above are GMonster, Moosycakes, Waddles, and Arcticpixie3.

What did you think of the new Strike A Pose collection? Did you purchase anything? Let me know on the comments down below. Thank you for reading.

- Candice ♥

Strike a Pose Released!

It's here!
Click on the image to go to the store.

Strike a Pose Spoilers!!

 Hey guys it's Leandra (LivinLikeLeah)

With the amount of sales and stores leaving, it was clear stardoll was preparing for a new a new that store is the newest addition Strike a Pose! I have some spoilers below (courtesy of Underneath Stardoll) and the styles are absolutely gorgeous. I love the addition of the skin tones and the hairpieces. 

I will definitely be saving up to purchase some items, will you?

Hotbuys Tassle Necklace Released!

The Hotbuys Tassle Necklace has been released in Original Future earlier today. You can click here to buy it for 11 stardollars.

There real life version is designed by Rachel Zoe:

Personally, I think as with most Hotbuys, it could have been made better. The real life version is beautiful.
What do you think of this piece?


Hotbuys Two Tone Rivet Dress Released! + COMP

Hello everybody!

The Hotbuys Two Tone Rivet Dress was released. It's from RIO and it costs 28 stardollars.

(credit to Underneath Stardoll for picture)

What do you think? Do you like it?
Will you be buying?

CONTEST! [Must reach 15 entries before deadline]

Make your best outfit with the dress and have a chance to win 30sd or the dress!

Last day to enter August 4, 2015 (Tuesday)
Voting begins on August 5, 2015 (Wednesday)
Winners will be announced on August 6, 2015 (Thurday


- You must be a follower of this blog (Click the join this site button on the left sidebar)
- You must be signed into Disqus, guest entries will not count!
- Be a member of the blog StardollHour on Stardoll
- Must take a screenshot and post here
- Don't post links, only the picture!
- Leave your stardoll name
- The picture must be cropped so it only shows your entry
- Do not cover up the item too much, it must still be visible

I will select 10 people who will be put into a poll. There will be two winners!

Callie's Picks No.45

Hey there!
If you're like me and love to keep up with the new Callie's Picks then you're definitely going to like the newest line of clothes from Callie's Picks "Go For The Gold." No.45.  This new line is most definitely unique and very elegant and will add that extra bit of glam to any outfit! This line features the glamorous blonde "Emma Hair" for the awesomely low price of 20sd! Or if the hair style doesn't suit you then you can get the hair color "Old Gold Haircolor" or the "Hair Highlight Gold" for just a touch of blonde.
This collection has some very amazing items of clothing as well. There is truly something for everyone. My favorite items from this collection at the moment is the "Golden Birds Dress" which is an amazing combination of white and gold birds at an awesome length, and the "Gold Speck Gathered Top" which I think I'm going to buy personally!
This collection reminds me of Christmas so if you love dressing up for the Holidays (which are so far away ;-;)  then picking up these limited addition items will most definitely add that little bit of golden glamour to your Holidays outfit.
To kick this collection off, there are some archive items to! Remember the Gaga bodysuit? Or the Frankie Morello Tribute animated purse? I do and I'm so happy I and others like me get another chance to get these items once more!
Don't miss out on this amazing limited addition items!

Balmain is Back??!!

Hey guys, my name is Leandra (LivinLikeLeah)

Today I made what I think is a miraculous discovery and I wanted to share it with you guys!

So I had just purchased some stardollars, and I decided to have a little shopping spree, seeing there was a sale. As I clicked the drop-down bar in the catalog I was surprised because....

The Balmain Tribute Was Still Available! 

I was so shocked, because I had been under the impression that the tribute had been long gone, and I had spent a lot of time scouring through bazaars looking for items from the tribute, only to see them being sold for ridiculous prices. But with this new discovery I was relieved as I could save my stardollars, and still get the items I loved!

My only worry is that the availability of the items could be a glitch, and if it is better get the items while they last!

Free ASDA Dress

Hello everyone!

This is another post for the new members, I thought since there is no freebie yet from stardoll, I should remind the people that don't have it to get it now ^^ It was an old freebie but its still available 

The only thing you need to do is log in to Stardoll and to click

After that you are all done ^^ Hope you like it and have a good day :]

Stardollsatara xoxo

Free Chata de Galocha Dress

Hello everyone! ^^ 
How was your day? These past few days there haven't been any new free items from stardoll and I thought I should post an old time old one, which still works and its a pretty easy one to get as well!:]

To get this dress you just simply must be logged in your account, if you aren't click HERE.
Log in and click this LINK and then refresh your room and the dress will be there :] 

Have a good day everyone! ^^ 

Stardollsatara xoxo

Last Chance - Heritage Classics Tribute

This is the last chance to buy a decor piece from the Heritage Classics Tribute.
It takes about three days before the items leave the store.

Will you be buying anything before it's gone?

x Lily-Ariana

Riviera Flash Sale!

There is a flash sale for Riviera!
The last few floors all have a 60% discount, but only for one day, so if you want anything, hurry!

Will you be buying anything?

x Lily-Ariana


Hey there, it's Stacy-G (Arlette)

New suite advice today, this one is about perspective and there will be a lot of pictures.

Most of the time, when we're building our suites, we do this instantly:

Which is a good thing, but the trouble comes when we're adding features. When adding windows, please don't do this:
The window and the floor line can't be parallel because of the vanishing point: This is a 1-point perspective. (if you have a 2-point perspective, only vertical lines are parallel). If a line is not vertical or horizontal, it's not parallel to anything. Here is what it's supposed to look like:
While decorating our suites, some furniture already have a vanishing point, we can use it or ignore it. If you're using it, make sure it's correct.
And another mistake that I see in a lot of suites is this one
where is the corner? In our 3D world, this is impossible. So, you can change the color of one of the walls, or add some shadows. You can do it with the carpet in Stardesign decor or the basic wall (no longer available in Starplaza :(
One last thing before I leave, it's about the flooring. If you want us to guess that it's a long wall you don't have to do this
I don't think our suites are big enough for the floor and the ceiling to touch themselves. Instead, do it with a smaller angle, don't add big furniture, and don't forget to do it for the ceiling.

That's all for today, I hope this will help you in your stardoll life and maybe drawing. Comment your thoughts or what you'd like to see next.

♥C you later♥

Free old Amy Diamond Decor Items

Hello everyone!
Hope you have a great day! Here is an old times free item on stardoll and you won't be needing to use a proxy or anything at all.

The only thing you need to do is to log in to your stardoll account as usual- Stardoll and click this link Here and join the club!

That was pretty easy wasn't it? I hope you like it and have an amazing day ahead of you! 

Stardollsatara xoxo

Spotlight: moiragrog

Hey Stardoll Hour readers. Before I start off with my first post, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Candice and I am 21 years old. I currently live in California and I have been on stardoll since 2008. I am really excited to be a member of this amazing blog. I hope you all enjoy my posts!

Spotlight is a segment where I will post pictures of creative dolls who have taken their suite to the next level. Our very first doll is moiragrog.

I have seen mermaid-inspired dolls in a scenery before but never in a suite. This really amazed me and deserves to be looked at. Visit her suite and rate her 5/5! Her username is moiragrog

I hope you guys enjoyed reading the Spotlight segment today. If you know someone with an incredible suite, let me know on the comments down below. My username is Oo.Candice.oO if you have any questions for me. Thank you for reading.

- Candice ♥

New writer and Free Libresse Bathing Suit and Liz Pal doll for all countries

Hello everyone! :]

My name is Helen, Stardollsatara, and I will be posting mostly about free stuff here that you can get. I hope you will like my posts! ^^ 

To get the Free Libresse Bathing Suit and Liz Pal follow the instructions bellow. 

If you are already from Netherlands you just have to click HERE and log in to your account.
If you are from another country you have to use a proxy. Be careful and don't save your password or click anywhere else. 

For bathing suit: 

1. Click on one of these proxy's: teleport.to/Netherlands or netherlandsproxy.nu or dutchproxyserver.com or dutchproxy.nu

2. Copy and paste this link in the white search bar and press inter or click on go:  http://stardoll.com/en/contest/view.php?id=4226 

3. Once you are directed to the Stardoll contest page log in and answer the contest answers like this picture and press enter competition. 

4. To log out paste this link into the proxy's url tab: http://stardoll.com/do/logout.php

For Liz Pal doll:

1. To get Liz Pal you have to go again to one of the proxy's and this time paste this link to be redirected to the Club home page: Here
2, You should join the club and then you can log out and go to stardoll as usual :]

Never forget to log out after using a proxy! And be careful what you click on ^^ I hope you have a good day and enjoy the freebies :]

Stardollsatara xoxo


                                                      Stardoll's next top artist is back!

We were surprised by some fantastic news today! The very popular competition "Stardoll's Next Top Artist" was brought back by Stardoll!

You are able to submit any form of art you've created so get creative & submit your designs today. Click HERE to submit your entry. 

You can submit anything you've created in Star Design as long as it is not a hairstyle! 

Will you be participating in this contest? Show us your entries in the comments!


Making your suites look real

Hello dollies, it's Stacy-G (Arlette) ;)

Today, we're going to learn how to make our suites look "real". Unless we have someone to clean up after us, I'm sure that sometimes we forget to pick up after us. Even interior designers use that concept in their projects.

That being said, here are a couple of objects that we can use to show visitors that somebody was here, whether it's a mug, an open book, or those old magazines you forgot to throw in the recycle bin.

Of course you don't have to put all of them in one room, but make sure there is cohesion between them. For example: you take off your shoes while reading a book and drinking a cup of tea. This would be a good idea to enhance the beauty of an armchair.

So why don't we use those habits to create a beautiful world where we won't be reproach for not picking up from time to time?
Have fun doing some messes!♥

Introducing Dot's New Floor, Bronze


     Yes! Surely enough it does and it's called Bronze. While it may not be one of my favorite collections I can see becoming very popular. The Bronze collection has 5 shades of brown which are nude beige, deep tan, milk chocolate, mocca and burgundy brown. These shades are very useful when it comes to applying make up to your medoll. Not only are these neutral colors perfect for creating a natural look it also appears they would suit medolls of darker skin tones beautifully.Here is the full floor.

      My personal favorite from this new floor is the burgundy brown lipstick (the darkest shade from this collection) what's yours? And what are your thoughts on this new collection?
Till next time,
Hallie ♥ ( @princess_cathy )

Winners of the Raffle are...


Congratulations, I will contact you so you can receive your prizes. If you didn't win this time, don't worry, there will be plenty more competitions and raffles coming.


200 sd Raffle!

To help with the relaunch, we will be giving away 200sd to two lucky followers!

  • You must be following Stardoll Hour
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That's it! To qualify for the raffle, just comment "I want to win 200sd" down below.


*winners announced Friday July 24th 
**We are now using Disqus, so previous comments are not visible. Do not worry, I can still access them and your entry will count! xo


The Stardoll Hour is back! Unfortunately, we got hacked and all of our content was erased. If you are interested in becoming a writer, please message Lulla96 on Stardoll. We are looking for people who can find and post spoilers, freebies, ect. Everyone is welcome to apply!
Thank you!