9 to 5 - Part 2!

Hi dollies!

This morning the second part of the new store 9 to 5 was released. There's again cheap poses, and my favourite is the painter!
The prizes range from 3 to 25 stardollars and there are 2 starcoin items!

What do you think? Will you be buying anything?
x Lily-Ariana

Hot Buys Leopard Sole Heels Released!

Hi dollies!

The HotBuys Leopard Sole Heels were released. They're from Fallen Angel and cost 12 stardollars.

Click here to get them in your dressing room.

What do you think? Will you get them?

x Lily-Ariana

September Hot Buys!

Hi dollies!

This morning Stardoll released the September Hot Buys. Though here in Belgium we still have nice weather when school starts, most items give a very chilly fall weather look-- Such as those gorgeous jackets!

Bonjour Bizou Hot Buys Classic Flannel Purse - September 5
Original Future Hot Buys Tirol Swimsuit - September 6
Fallen Angel Hotbuys Colonel Coat - September 10
Pretty n' Love Hot Buys Oklahoma Gown - September 13
Pretty n' Love Hot Buys Tirol Thights - September 15
It Girls Hot Buys Tirol Shorts - September 17
Bonjour Bizou Hot Buys Bows Shoes - September 19
Fallen Angel Hot Buys Tirol Boots - September 26
Bonjour Bizou Hot Buys BW Blazer - September 27

What do you think? Are you excited?

x Lily-Ariana

New Collection of Fallen Angel!

Hi dollies

There was a new collection of Fallen Angel released. There are two starcoin items and for the stardollar items the prizes range from 5 to 23 stardollars.

What do you think? Will you be buying anything?
x Lily-Ariana

New Floor of Splendid Released!

There was a new floor of Splendid Jewellery released. It includes items of make up as well. The prizes range from 4-12 stardollars and there are no starcoin items.

What do you think, will you buy anything?

x Lily-Ariana

Styling the new curtains

While browsing through google images, I found this picture. I told myself: This is the free gift, Belgian curtains. Is Stardoll kidding us?

I was scrolling throughout Stardoll players comments from everywhere, I noticed that for a lot of dolls, those curtains were just a new item in their storage. I don't know why, but I kind of feel sad to see that. That's why I decided to propose 3 different ways to style the new curtains.

First of all, you can add those "very cheap" curtain from Minimalist to add width to the curtains. Happily it's a neutral color.

Secondly, I was thought about a random place in a house, that need sunlight, so they add a window. It's the perfect size and can easily be inlaid between the DIY wallpapers.

And finally, the beach style. These can be the center piece, while you have other curtains on each side (the others have to be the same). It could be the main exit to the beach or the pool, or anything you want.

Have you changed your mind about them? Do you have an idea of what to do now? Hope you do!


CLOSING DOWN SALE - 75% Wild West and Evening Falls!

Hi dollies!

From 18-21 August there's a closing down sale in the decor stores Wild West and Evening Falls. After this they will disappear from Starplaza and the items will be sellable in the Starbazaar.
Plenty of items now cost 2 stardollars or a few starcoins, so it's definitely a good idea to stock up on some items (My favorite, the Wild Horse: Original price 20 stardollars, sale prize 5 stardollars).

Will you be buying some of the cheap items?

x Lily-Ariana/ Ina

Free interior gift

Stardoll is giving a gift, a curtain, to everyone who enter the "dream bedroom" competition. All you have to do is decorate your dream bedroom in your suite, take a picture and submit it. Refresh the page and ta-da!
You are now the owner of this beautiful curtain. 
Will you enter the competition?

Stardesign Interior Talent

Hey there, it's Arlette (Stacy-G), and today I'm introducing you guys to another great Stardesigner. Her name is Megirsa, she's playing stardoll since 2012-12-19.

She only designs wall art, but Gosh! it is art. You have probably seen this hand around stardoll, but now you know the designer.

And also this beautiful fish, it looks like a fairy, those who like fairytale will love it.
And last but not least, this face, it looks so magical, absolutely magnificent!
If you wanna see more from Megirsa visit her suite by clicking here .

If you guys have any question about your suite or proposing great talent, you can comment it below.
Have a nice day! 

FREE Bag, CG handbag, and Shoes!

Hey guys!
Today I am going to be showing you how to get the items shown above for FREE!

Step 1: Begin by clicking on the 'Become superstar' tab. If you are already superstar or royal it should say 'More Stardollars'

Step 2: After you have reached the page where you can buy superstar, royal and stardollars, click on the tab '2 more choices'

Step 3: Scroll down until you reached the 'Enter your Gift Code' section.

Step 4: Enter the codes shown in the pictures and click 'redeem'

Then, it should say...

Step 5: Go back to your suite to open the packages :)

And there you go! When you open the packages the items should be there!
If you have any questions let me know in the comments

See you soon, 
xoxo koomy-loom

These pictures are mine and if you would like to use them please give credits :) ty!

New Floor of It Girls Released! + COMPETITION

Hey everybody!

A new floor of It Girls was released. The theme is Blogger Chic and the prizes range from 5-16 sd. There are two starcoin items. They also made three items for boys.

Do you like it and will you buy anything?

CONTEST! [Must reach 15 entries before deadline]

Make your best outfit with one or more items from the new collection and win your favorite piece!

Last day to enter August 14, 2015 (Friday)
Voting begins on August 15, 2015 (Saturday)
Winners will be announced on August 17 (Monday)


- You must be a follower of this blog (Click the join this site button on the left sidebar)
- You must be signed into Disqus, guest entries will not count!
- Be a member of the blog StardollHour on Stardoll
- Must take a screenshot and post here
- Don't post links, only the picture!
- Leave your stardoll name
- The picture must be cropped so it only shows your entry
- Do not cover up the item too much, it must still be visible

I will select 10 people who will be put into a poll. There will be two winners!

x Lily-Ariana

Wearing the new LE

Hello dolls. It's been a long time since my last post but I have found the perfect opportunity to write something new. The very first collection of Limited Edition was re-released this morning on starplaza. Lots of pieces ran out within just seconds but I have found a few dolls who managed to get something. Let's take a look.

The dolls shown above are lulla96, Moosycakes, MileyPuente, and Facebook_Freak7.

Were YOU able to make it on time and purchase a few pieces? What other collections would you like to see stardoll re-release? Let me know on the comments down below. Thank you for reading.

- Candice ♥ 

New LE spoiler

New LE collection is coming soon, and the new collection is actually a RE-collection of the very 1st one. Can you guys believe this! These items are extremely rare and only few people will get them...

Hope you will get the chance to buy at least 1 item ! 
The collection will normaly be in the starplaza during next week.. Stay Alert! 


Hey Dolls, for my weekly interview ( I will post one interview with a great Stardoll desginer every week)I  will start with the amazing kikinka4.12 from Slovac Republic.

1- Could you describe your style?  
I don’t have any specific style. I like to combinate different styles. But usually I just wear what I like in the moment. On stardoll  my style is different from real life. I wear a lot of jeans and skirts on Stardoll, but in really life I don’t really like to wear skirts. But I like to wear dresses pretty much. I am addicted to flower printed clothes. And I really love to wear flower wreaths. In both stardoll and real life.
2-Where do you find all your inspiration?  
Inspiration is everywhere. I really like to experiment with hair on stardoll and in real life too. I tried almost all colors. When I am without inspiration I always ask for pictures of great hairstyles and when I really like something, I have to make it no matter what. *Haha.*
3-What is your biggest Stardoll dream, as a designer?
Mmm. Biggest dream? Well, before I became designer, I really wanted to be one and that was my biggest dream. Now it is not nothing special, I just want to have more time to make more designs for people. Oh, and well, I wish people still like my designs in future as well.
4-How often do you create  new wigs?
The last design I made was last month and half (maybe?) I wasn’t on Stardoll much. I didn’t have time and mood to play. But I usually design everyday when I have some time after school. But sometimes I can’t design anything for a week , just because I don’t feel to design something. It’s really individual.
5-Who is your favorite designer?
Me? :D Well, I really like my designs nowadays, so I am a fan of myself and I actually I think it’s good to believe to what I create. Everyone should do that! Anyway I really like the designs from Viivian, Aeynar23, babyfacejoo, Agrima44, Ana_Star14 and so on. I met many great designers and each has some special style of designing and I like that about them!
6- What are your next project on Stardoll?
I don’t plan anything special now. I will just practise my making of wigs and will try to make them as realistic as possible. So wish me luck! *haha*
Here is some designs made by the talented kikinka4.12

Article made by Maria( sweetmari3) for StardollHour blog

Stardesign fabric

Hello dolls it's Stacy-G and welcome to a new decor post.

Today I'm gonna talk a little bit about what we can do with Stardesign Interior. The main advantage is that we can create own own fabric, and most of the times, the price doesn't change. So, to day I'm gonna show you guys one fabric ideas you can use for some patterns.

Let's get started. Oblique gradiant rectangle, several shade of gray or a color palette equal lots of possibilities.
Fist you can go straight with the design
or zoom out and place it wherever you want.
You can also use another patterns, like the curtain,
the carpet,
even some abstract art.
You can also change the color, and when you do it, make sure you use only one color palette. For this one, I use nuanced neutral. Take a look:
These colors are perfect for interior designing and will help you get prepared for fall. 

Hope you guys have a great time designing.

Free Dress, Bags and Shoes

Hey guys! 
How have you been? Summer is ending soon and Stardoll hasn't given us so many freebies anymore, I had to try and find some older ones that still work. With a little luck I find these 4 beautiful items that are good for new stardolls and old ones as well ^^ I hope you like them! 

For the pink dress: 

1. Log in your Stardoll account and then click HERE

2. Scroll down and paste this code in the ''Redeem a giftcode'' bar
3. Press Enter or click the Redeem button and a ''You have successfully redeemed your code'' text will show up :] The dress now should be in your suite! Enjoy! ^^ 

For the Golden Shoes: 

1.  Log in your Stardoll account and then click HERE

2. Scroll down and paste this code in the ''Redeem a giftcode'' bar
3. Press Enter or click the Redeem button and a ''You have successfully redeemed your code'' text will show up :] The shoes now should be in your suite ^^ 

For Pink bag: 

 1.  Log in your Stardoll account and then click HERE

2. Scroll down and paste this code in the ''Redeem a giftcode'' bar
3. Press Enter or click the Redeem button and a ''You have successfully redeemed your code'' text will show up :] The pink bag now should be in your suite :]

For the blue bag: 
 1.  Log in your Stardoll account and then click HERE

2. Scroll down and paste this code in the ''Redeem a giftcode'' bar
3. Press Enter or click the Redeem button and a ''You have successfully redeemed your code'' text will show up :] The blue bag now should be in your suite ^^ 

I hope Stardoll will soon give us more freebies *-* Til then, I hope you have a great day! ^^

Stardollsatara xoxo