Hey there
Stardoll gave everybody a gift. Some people think it's part of the 4M likes on Facebook.
A cute Leaf light to warm up our suite.
Will you use it? or turn it off in your storage?

LE decor

Hi dollies, this has been a while that I haven't posted. So here is the interior proposition for LE decor.
Featuring DIY and Stardesign. The white dots are flowers from 9 to 5. 
I used a dark floor because I wanted to do a modern interior with retro furniture. And the big widows with skyscraper view to give the penthouse feel.

What do you think about it? How did you style your buys?


New Limited Edition

The interior edition of LE has been released this morning. Same Americana theme than the fashion we had previously. Some items are really worth buying, most of them aren't sold out yet.

Did you buy something, or will you?


New Minimalism, inspired by Fendi

There is a new collection added to Minimalism, it's all about Fendi. There are two bags, one SS only. There one item (a pillow) in starcoins.
So, I'm gonna propose you guys some ideas, on how to style some pieces, feel free to comment what you'd like to see.
This is my favorite combi with these new items.
What's yours?