Stacoins mannequin

Tribute season is almost over, and we have a gift-o-meter to fill; that means we have been shopping. Since the wardrobe in our suite changed, a lot of dolls have transformed some of their rooms into fashion showroom. To do so, we need mannequins, but they cost stardollars. Here is a way to make starcoins mannequins.

The body is the bodysuit in Basics

the gloves are from Voile

The socks are from Bizou

The head is a black stardesign egg upside down.
So now, for 174 or 184 Starcoins, you have a mannequin in your suite. It sounds like a lot, but since we have almost no items to buy, I think it's worth it. You can also use your in-suite-wigs to make them look better.
Here is an example of what it looks like in my suite.

Interesting, huh? Will you wisely spend you starcoins from now on?


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